Students head back to school after snow days


School officials in Mobile and Baldwin counties kept a close eye on attendance figures as classes resumed Friday, January 31 after being cancelled following three snow days.


It was time again for buses to pull up to the curb, safety guards to direct traffic, and parents to drop off their bundled up children at schools like Robbins Elementary in Prichard.

After three days off in the middle of the week, Principal Marcelete Stewart is keeping a close watch on attendance figures.

At about 7 a.m. Friday, she said there weren’t as many kids showing up as she would like.

Stewart said, “Many parents have had a hard week, with everyone home, and they said, ‘One more day, you know, they’ll just go on Monday.’ But, we want them to know that we’re here, and we’re ready to go.”

Stewart knows its not always easy to motivate children to come back to school after having three unexpected days off.

She said, “We can’t compete with TV, videos, sleeping late, but we sure have wonderful learning experiences waiting for them. So, we want them to come on and we’ll get them back into that structure. It won’t take very long, I don’t think.”


Kim Scarver dropped her son, Darnell, off at kindergarten Friday morning. She said she was happy classes started back.

Scarver said, “I’m glad they’re letting them in on Friday, so it makes it easier for the parents to get into the routine, instead of waiting until Monday.”


Darnell said he was happy to go back, but other children seemed more willing to talk about what they did during their time off.

Chi Chi Jones said, “I played in the snow with my nephew and my big sister. It was fun playing with them and, when it got really cold, we went in the house and had hot chocolate.”

When asked what she did during her time off, another student said, “My mom threw snowballs at me.”

The snowballs are gone, but the memories last forever.

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