Pipe bursts at Saraland Elementary

Courtesy: Saraland City Schools
Courtesy: Saraland City Schools

For the fourth day in a row, Saraland Elementary School is closed Friday, January 31 due to a major water leak inside the building.

“It immediately flooded the school. We had nine classrooms a gymnasium and a lunch room and two bathrooms that were under approximately 1.5 to 2 inches of water,” Said Dr. Aaron Milner.

Tuesday-Thursday the school, along with Mobile and Baldwin County schools, were closed due to the extreme winter weather.

Milner says teachers and their families, Saraland firefighters, parents and some Saraland residents helped a local contractor get the school back into shape.

” It was just a great example of a community coming together to make sure that are children are going to be back on school on Monday,” said Milner.

Fourth grade teacher Tara Green says the staff will adjust their lessons to get kids back up to date.

“We will go back and do a little bit of review kind of see where the kids are since they left. Then we won’t skip a beat,” said Green.

The superintendent says there are not planning any makeup days.

“We will makeup those four days just through great teaching,” said Milner.

The teachers are ready to get their students back in the classroom.

“I’ve been  home with a three and a half-year old and let’s just say I’m excited to get back to my 25 fourth graders,” said Green.

Saraland elementary will be back open on Monday.

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