New Google Glass Frames


They’re finally putting the “glass” into Google Glass. The computerized goggles now have the option of being outfitted with prescription lenses or detachable sunglasses.

We’ve been talking about Google Glass for quite some time –but the models before Thursday didn’t come with lenses in the frame, despite the name.  As of Thursday, January 30 no purchasing link was available…just a Google Glass Google plus page.

Google is adding optical options to the device, as it prepares to make the produce available to the general population later this year.  For now, Google Glass is available only to the tens of thousands of people who are testing and creating apps for it.

It’s basically a small computer with a camera and display screen placed above the wearer’s right eye.  You can use it to surf the Web, get directions and take photos and videos – as well as read email, share stuff on social media sites, among other tasks.

The frames sale for $225, that’s on top of the roughly $1500 Google charges for Glass.  Bringing the total cost to some $1700.

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