Gulf Shores getting back to normal operations


If you are live in Gulf Shores, you might’ve seen several trash collection trucks picking up your garbage. That’s because they’re playing ‘catch-up’ after the extreme winter weather put them off schedule.

Grant Brown with the City of Gulf Shores said crews are collecting trash from every Gulf Shores resident Friday, January 31.

“Well, we’re a few days behind, obviously, having to shut things down, the waste didn’t get picked up the recycles are on a different schedule now, today, Friday, all household garbage within the city will be picked up,” explained Brown.

He said another issue the city is now facing is having to clean up sand on bridges and roadways.

After crews dumped sand around city streets to control issues with icy roads, the city now has to get all that sand off the roads.

Brown said crews have had to work overtime due to the serious weather, but they’ve got appropriations in the budget to make up for it.

“During the actual storm event we had crews on the roads 24 hours a day sanding and taking limbs off of the roadways, so we incurred quite a bit of overtime,” said Brown, “It’s a hit on the city’s budget, yes, we do have overtime planned in to our budget for unknowns.”

While all the trash in Gulf Shores was picked up Friday, recycling won’t be picked up until Wednesday. But residents like Jon Ellis said they already have big piles of recycling built up and they don’t want to wait much longer.

“Basically we’ve just been having the can overflow as you can see here,” said Ellis, “We’re just waiting for them to come get it for us.”

Gulf Shores representatives say they hope to have the sand off of roads and bridges by the end of this weekend, and the recycling schedule will be back to normal by February 12.

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