Benefit held for cashier struck by truck


Family members of 53-year old Meta McCormick shared a photo of her from her hospital bed in Hattiesburg where she’s in intensive care. She’s sporting a Houndstooth scarf showing her Crimson Tide spirit and giving thumbs up with a smile on her face.

She’s a woman Levi Fallon gladly calls his mother and he visits her every chance he gets.

“She’s always staying positive.  Every time she sees one of us she smiles and talks to us and it’s great to see her,” Fallon said.

“She’s really doing good she’s always had a good attitude though. It didn’t matter what life threw at her Meta, could always come out smiling and making you feel better and she’s just got a real good attitude,” said family friend Mary Sue Dueitt.

A little more than two weeks ago, a pick up truck smashed into The Junction in Leakesville, Mississippi where McCormick works. It’s a moment that changed her life, and her family’s. Fallon said he vividly remembers hearing about accident.

“I wasn’t really feeling anything I was just really scared for her. Couldn’t find out what was wrong with her and was trying to get to her,” he said.

Duiett said McCormick will be able to walk again but it’s going to take a lot of rehabilitation. She said McCormick can’t put weight on her legs for about four months.

Despite the fact McCormick suffered several broken bones and has undergone multiple surgeries, family members said doctors are amazed at McCormick’s will to recover.

To help her out, the Leakesville community’s going to rally around McCormick with a benefit party Saturday, Feb. 1st.

There will be singing, dancing, hot dogs, hamburgers, Philly cheese steak, spaghetti, and red beans and rice, plates for sale.

There will also be cakes and baked goods for sale and cake walks along with a jump house for the kids.

The family is expecting more than 400 bikers who are participating in the bike ride.

“Everyone’s kicking in and it’s really amazing I just hope it’s a great turn out for her. It would make everybody happy. She’s a fighter that’s all she ever has been,” Fallon said.

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