Pensacola International Airport back in business after winter weather


After a one-day closure due to frozen runways and poor conditions resulting from the winter storm, the Pensacola International Airport was again open for business Thursday, January 30.

Cancellations and delays marred the day, but plenty got to where they were going.  It was all partially thanks to the sun, but also the airport crews out on the runways Thursday morning doing friction tests.

“Those readings started coming back up to the positive list, and the sun [came] out, and of course the temperature[ increased],” said airport spokeswoman Belinda Zephir.  “The maintenance and operations got the loader out- the mechanical broom- they started hitting that slush from the center line out, just loosening up some of the icy spots on the threshold.”

Megan Paterkiewicz of the Chicago area is in town to see her fiance’, but her vacation was extended.

“My flight’s been cancelled four times now,” Paterkiewicz said.  “I was supposed to be back Tuesday afternoon, and I don’t even know if I’ll get back tonight, and I’ve already missed two days of work, so I’m getting kind of frustrated.”

“[Getting home] will make it better,” Paterkiewicz added.  “Although I’m leaving my fiance’ which is no fun, but it’ll be nice to at least get back into the swing of things when I get home.”

Zephir expects things to be completely back to normal, a full flight schedule with all air carriers, Friday, January 31.

More than one hundred flights were cancelled in 48 hours due to the winter storm.


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