Life returns to normal as Gulf Coast thaws out


Things are starting to clear up in southern Baldwin County Thursday, January 30.

Most of the ice accumulation in the area has melted, and folks are beginning to return to a normal way of life.

Folks in Baldwin County woke up to chunks of melting ice falling from tree limbs, and only small remnants of the unusual winter storm that rolled through our area just two days ago.

Beaches that were once completely covered in a sheet of slippery ice, have returned to mushy sand.

Some snowbirds are happy to see the sand and sun again.

Jerry Doerger said he and his wife travelled all the way from Ohio, only to have to sit up in their condo for the last two days.

“Making our arrangements months and months ago to come down here, we thought there would be more sun,” said Doerger, “We thought there would be everyday sun, morning till evening. And we’re not disappointed, but we’re really happy that the sun is out here today.”

Several folks were on the Gulf Shores Public Beach Thursday were catching some rays and enjoying the beach life we all know and love.

“I’m metal detecting looking for anything. I found a ring now and then, a little piece of silver, I found a something that says maybe Alabama on it,” said Wayne McKinney, also a snowbird.

And, things are looking up for the roadways near the beaches. The Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge is open again, after it was closed the last two days due to ice build-up.

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