Deep freeze thawing out in Clarke County


After two days, the deep freeze is over in Jackson. It’s something people in the town will be talking about for a while.

Many said they were glad to see things starting to return to normal.

The temperatures were still in the teens when the sun came up in Jackson Thursday morning, but already there was a lot more traffic on the roads, as some people made their way to work for the first time in two days.

Gary Beckham was glad to see the fast food restaurants open.

“Because everything was closed tight for a couple of days. But, it’s nice out today, the sun’s out, and it looks like everything is going to be just right,” Beckham said.

Beckham, like many others, had some unexpected days off from work, but he’s not sad to see the cold weather gone.

“This has been the coldest weather I’ve ever had down here and I’ve been living here all my life,” he said.

Police were busy over the past few days responding to accident calls.

“It was an issue to say the least. It was an issue that we had to deal with, and I want to thank first off the police officers, and dispatchers and firefighters, especially the fire chief who came out and helped us those this tough unusual time,” Officer Lem Dubose said.

Jonathan McLendon made it to work during the freeze, but with all the roads closed in Jackson and Clarke County, there were no customers at the lawn and garden business on Highway 43.

“I am. I’m ready to see the ice gone, the roads dried out, and people get out and do business,” McLendon said.

No matter how bad the weather gets in south Alabama, it never lasts very long. That’s something that leaves folks in Clarke County thankful.

The City officials said the roads would officially reopen in Jackson at 11 a.m. Thursday.

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