Baldwin County students expected back in class Friday

baldwin county public schools

You would be hard pressed to find a student in Baldwin County who wasn’t thrilled to have a mini, mid-week vacation.

“I’m kinda wishing things would stay like this for a little while,” Hugh Taupeka, a Fairhope Middle School student, said.

“Yeah, me too,” James, Hugh’s younger brother, added. “Like, I just love not having school.” James goes to Fairhope Intermediate School.

The duo spent the last couple of days catching up on some video games and messing around in the ice and snow. They and several other kids used laundry baskets and boogie boards to go sledding on some hills in their Daphne neighborhood.

“We had seen snow before, but this is the first time we’d seen snow actually stay on the ground for a couple of days,” James said.

Luckily, their mom, Kathleen Taupeka, works as an interior and graphic designer. So she was able to spend a good amount of time with the boys.

“It’s been nice, but its going to be hard to get back to a normal routine,” Taupeka said. “I think we’re a little spoiled with our days off during the week. The sleeping in has been great.”

The school system was also making its preparations to head back to the classrooms tomorrow.

“You’ll see bus drivers going back this afternoon and cranking their busses to make sure everything is running correctly and ready to roll early in the morning,” Terry Wilhite, Baldwin County Public Schools spokesman, said. “You’ll see principals going in to check on buildings if they’re not already there.

While a longer vacation would be welcomed, Hugh and James said it won’t be so bad heading back to school in the morning.

“It is nice getting back to school and seeing all your friends and having that routine,” Hugh said.

According to Wilhite, there’s a good chance the students won’t have to make up the missed school days at a later date. The decision will ultimately come down to the state superintendent.

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