FOX10 surveys road conditions


On Wednesday, January 29 the sun began to peak in and out from behind the clouds giving some hope that ice on the streets would melt faster than expected. FOX10 News was in the thick of it throughout the storm, including Wednesday morning.

Many heading into work Wednesday morning saw miserable driving conditions, if you had to be out. As the day went on, it warmed up a bit, melting ice in some areas…but not all. FOX10 News checked out several road closures in the Mobile area, including Cottage Hill and University Boulevard.

“I just came out a few minutes ago. It’s thawing out a little bit. Ice patches here and there,” said one driver.

Even though the “Road Closed” signs were placed in the middle of the intersection at Cottage Hill and University, that did not stop many drivers from passing through.

Even some northerners said these conditions are not very pleasant.

“Ah, it’s horrible,” said a man from Pennsylvania. “Well, when I tried to get my car out this morning and I couldn’t move my car.”

Roads throughout Mobile were closed on Wednesday, detouring drivers all over the city. By Thursday, all roads are expected to be back open.

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