Escambia locals, officials deal with dangerous ice over

icy road

Conditions still seem to be improving a bit in Escambia County as ice that was covering some roads an hour ago, has begun to melt away.

More freezing temperatures are expected through the night so it doesn’t indicate roads will be back to normal before Thursday.

It’s still better than what the area saw this morning, as last night’s freezing rain and sleet caused layers of ice across the area.

That ice proved to be extremely dangerous for motorists and emergency responders throughout the day.

Devaki Tate and her son were across town at work last night when ice began coating the roads.

“I was shocked and amazed. I’ve been here for years. I was born and raised in New york and it used to snow. I’ve never known it to snow in Alabama. At least, not like this,” said Tate.

She says she began to try and drive home but thought twice about it.

“We tried and began swerving. So I figured I didn’t want to chance it. My sister lives around the corner so I stayed at her house,” Tate said.

Authorities say that was a smart idea.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office says numerous vehicles have stalled, gotten stuck or flipped due to the ice.

Brewton Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver says they’ve luckily had very few emergencies but the conditions have made it difficult for them to respond.

“We’re having to travel extremely slow. I’m even worried about parking a truck on an incline or slight hill and sliding off. We’re just crossing our fingers and hoping the ice will get out of here so we can get back to our regular duties,” said Weaver.

Brewton resident Danny Joyner says he was shocked by just how bad the conditions got.

“My son asked me, “How would I like to live up north and see this 3 months out of the year?” I said, “That’s why I live in the South,” Joyner said.

Joyner says he plans on riding out the storm at home.

“It just shows you how much power we have on our daily lives. God can shut things down pretty quick. We just live with it,” said Joyner.

Most businesses are still closed in Brewton.

Still, officials stress to stay inside and off the roads until Thursday.

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