New technology for the big game

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With the big game right around the corner, many people will be looking for the latest and greatest TV to watch the big game!

A “Blue Shirt” from Best Buy stopped by Studio10 with the 4-1-1 on new TV technology.  Click on the video link to see him and answer and discuss the following…

  • New TV technology – What is 4K and OLED, can it give me a better picture, and does it make sense to buy? And what is the difference between LCD and LED?
  • The Right-Sized TV – Is bigger better? What size should I get?
  • Multi-Screen Experience – Can I watch the big game online and is it possible to sync mobile devices with my TV?
  • Social & Apps – What apps does Best Buy recommend downloading to make the most of watching the big game?
  • Getting the Right Sound – What is a sound bar and should I get one? What other options do I have to get the right sound to support the viewing?
  • Installation – What recommendations does Best Buy have for installing my new TV in my home to give me the best experience?
  • Hosting Party Tips – I’m having a Super Bowl party and I don’t know what to make! What tech resources can Best Buy provide for finding recipes and what small appliances should I get to make them or to clean up the mess after?

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