Ice thickens in Baldwin County

street sign dripping

Crews in Baldwin County are continuing to spread sand on icy bridges, and monitor weather patterns as the storm continues to roll through.

Mitchell Sims with the Baldwin County Emergency Operations Center says they’re working around the clock to keep residents safe.

“Our highway department has covered almost all the bridges in Baldwin County with sand or dirt, to help those situations where the bridges freeze first,” says Sims, “We’ve not opened shelters but already worked out sheltering with all of our municipalities, where if we suddenly find ourselves with a dozen people or 40 people off of a bus, we can get them to a warming shelter very quickly.”

He said, fortunately, there haven’t been too many incidents in Baldwin County, and only one power outage.

“We haven’t had a lot of incidents which is awesome, I think people are doing a very good job of heeding our warnings, and staying home,” Sims said.

Now that ice is really starting to build up in Southern Baldwin County, residents tell FOX10 they’re starting to worry about driving, or even walking around outside.

“If the roads are icy, it’s not going to be worth coming in for the pay if I get in an accident, so I’m just weighing  the pros and cons of the weather,” said Jason Wheeler, resident of southern Baldwin County.

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