Residents stock up on cold weather items


Many residents along the Gulf Coast are familiar with handling weather situations like hurricanes, but winter weather is very different. Here’s what’s being bought, and what’s scarce.

Boards, water, batteries: the norm for hurricane preparedness. What’s the norm for weather with a cold punch?

“Things to help protect their pipes so their looking for faucet covers, currently everyone I know is out of stock on,” said Randy Scott with The Home Depot.

Scott with The Home Depot said they are also out of portable heaters, but if you already have a heater, there is plenty of propane and kerosene. Something else flying off the shelves, salt.

“Pool salt, to put on their driveway and walkway to try to break up the ice that’s going to accumulate,” said Scott.

Scott said southern stores don’t get things like ice-melt, because we aren’t considered a cold climate so pool salt is a good substitute.

One main concern is your home but another concern should be your vehicle. Here’s a winter-weather checklist for your car in case you have to hit the roads.

“The  most important thing is to make sure you’ve got good anti-freeze in the car so the coolant doesn’t freeze, checking your tire pressure, so it stays up high,” said Jesse Rorick with Fausak’s Tires and Service.

Rorick with Fausak’s said tire pressure is important to make sure your vehicle gets a full grip on the road. He said if you have to get out …

“Warm your car for at least a minute and a half before you drive it and drive it slow at first to make sure the fluids are up and going,” said Rorick.

Rorick said it’s also good to make sure your wiper blades aren’t worn down when getting ready for possible ice on your windshield.

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