Officials: Ride the storm out indoors

winter storm

The winter storm could bring with it frozen conditions and icy roads, so officials in Baldwin County are encouraging people to stay indoors and ride out the storm from home.  They said with one-tenth to a quarter of an inch of ice expected on the roads, people should not test the roadways.

Baldwin County Commissioner Skip Gruber spent Monday, January 27 preparing for the storm.

“The issue of snow is not so bad, but when you’re dealing with ice it can be treacherous, especially when we have a lot of people that haven’t driven on ice,” Gruber said.

Another issue, Baldwin County isn’t necessarily equipped for these types of events. Commissioner Tucker Dorsey told me we don’t have salt crews or plows in place.

It’s up to the county to sand bridges, especially on the north end, to prevent snow from sticking.

“If we get any real accumulation, we won’t have enough sand to really scour the roads and make it a normal day around here, so everybody just needs to kind of put their head down and stay at home and read a good book or whatever for the next couple days I’m afraid,” Dorsey said.  “Tuesday and Wednesday are not good days to practice your ice driving.  We’re really just wanting people to stay at home to just afford the transportation issues with the weather that’s coming in.”

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