Internet Called “Gift From God”


Pope Francis is calling the internet a “gift from God.”

The description came in a Papal statement on the Roman Catholic Church’s “World Communications Day” last week. Pope Francis said the internet offers many opportunities for encounter and solidarity, and is a good place to discuss God. The Pope also cautioned that the internet has its pitfalls, saying the speed of information is greater than our ability for reflection and judgment.

He said too much time online can help us expand our knowledge or lose our bearings, and the desire to be online can isolate us from our neighbors. In case you wondering, the Papal twitter account has three-and-a-half million followers.

Samsung says its holiday profits took a nose-dive for the first time in more than two years.  The South Korean electronics giant blames high marketing costs to promote its Galaxy smart phone. Sales of the Galaxy S4 were okay. It was last year’s best-selling android phone but still sold well below the company’s expectations.

And, more Starbucks customers are loading money on its popular loyalty cards. Here’s the catch: Starbucks’  customers in the United States are now shopping from home, and not stopping into a Starbucks cafe, and that hurt holiday store traffic for the company.

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