Snowfall to come in Mobile


The threat of icing is scary, but the bright side of the winter weather issues is the chance to make a snowman or toss a snowball… a couple of rare activities here on the Gulf Coast.


Last January was the last time we saw a few snowflakes.  Lots of FOX10 viewers sent us their pictures and videos.
It was pretty, but not enough to accumulate on the ground.


It was a different story in 2010. Twice, we saw snow showers across the northern half of our viewing area, even dipping down into Mobile county. The flakes built up just enough for local kids to make snow angels, and target each other in rare gulf coast snowball fights. We had accumulations of around 1/3″.
It didn’t last long, though, at the end of each day, snow had turned to rain and everything was back to normal.


Of course, the snowfall most folks remember is the one that closed schools around the area back in December of 1996. One to three inches of snow covered the ground, and had locals dreaming of a white Christmas, but it wasn’t all fun and games…
Firefighters told us they worked a lot of traffic crashes in the two days the snow hung around.


FOX10 News meteorologists have been keeping a close eye on various models that last few days. the low end is about an inch, but more models are in the 2″-4″ range, and there are some that are even higher. Regardless there is high confidence this will be one to remember.
The most snow ever recorded in Mobile — six inches, back in *1895.*, but historically anything approaching 3 inches is a major event and plenty of the models are predicting totals that high.

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