County trucks load sand for weather prep


County work crews are busy loading stockpiling sand for tomorrows expected freeze.

About 30 dump trucks were making numerous trips Monday to a dirt pit off McLeod Road.  The truck which vary in size holds an estimated 8 to 16 yards of sand.

Maurice Jackson drives one of the larger dump trucks.   He was on his second trip to the pit when we talked with him around 10:30am.   Jackson said he was delivering sand to Camp Three, a stock pile area located in Citronelle.  Other trucks were taking their loads to Camp One on Schillinger Road, and Camp Two at I-10 and McDonald Road.

Jackson explained that having the sand at the central locations would make it easier and faster to get to areas where it’s most needed should we get the predicted freezing conditions Tuesday morning.

The sand is intended to help motorist with traction primarily on bridges and overpasses.

Jackson said workers have already been alerted that they could be called out early tomorrow to begin spreading the sand.

FOX10 News Reporter Renee Dials will have more on the counties efforts to prepare for possible severe road conditions at 4 p.m.

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