City, county crews sand roadways


City and county crews spent Monday, January 27 getting ready for the winter weather. One of the biggest concerns: the bridges and overpasses, which could pose a large threat to drivers on Tuesday and Wednesday January 28-29.

On Monday, Mobile County crews went to work sanding the roadways.

More than 24 hours before the winter blast hits Mobile, the Mobile County Commission prepared with dump trucks filled with sand, ready to roll.

“First thing we’ve done is prioritize the bridges because they become obviously the most dangerous during and ice event. So we’re filling our trucks with sand so we can get out on the road,” said County Commission President Merceria Ludgood.

Preparing for a winter storm is something we’re not used to preparing for in the South, especially along the Gulf Coast. So much so, that the county actually recruited the help of area farmers and rented their tractors and fertilizer spreaders to help disperse the sand on roadways.

“That’s a piece of equipment we have not had a need for before but now we do,” said Ludgood.

Nancy Johnson with the Mobile County Commission said even though we do not have snow storms often, we must take it seriously.

“We’re not exactly equipped to handle snowstorms. It’s funny, last week we had a dusting of snow and everyone was laughing and saying snow day. Time to go home and so forth. And here we are with the real thing,” said Johnson.

“We will be out there even though the office will be closed tomorrow; our crews will be out there watching and getting the sand down,” said Ludgood.

The County Commission workers headed back out on Tuesday night and will be sanding the roadways for the next two days, as needed.

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