Baldwin snow preps underway


Officials in Baldwin County are covering all the necessary bases for the coming winter storm threats.

Monday, January 27, Baldwin County Commissioners met with Baldwin County Emergency Operations managers, Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack, and other County officials to discuss a plan of action with the looming winter storm.

The County Commission debated calling a State of Emergency, but ultimately decided that declaration was unnecessary.

However, all county-run facilities will be closed Tuesday, January 28, and Baldwin County court operations have been cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The only county workers excluded from the decision are those deemed essential.

So what do those essential workers do?

They will be spreading sand around Baldwin County bridges to counteract potential ice-buildup on the roads.

“We have 3 maintenance areas within Baldwin County, each of those maintenance areas have approximately 25 men available to (spread sand) if needed,” says Frank Lundy, Operations Manager for Baldwin County Highway Department. “They will be on an on-call basis throughout the night and after hours. During normal working hours, we will be in with our normal force. We have 4 to 5 dump trucks per maintenance area.”

Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack said his deputies will be monitoring those bridges and roadways to ensure public safety.

“I think what the emphasis particularly with the Sheriff’s office is going to be the high-trafficked areas, because that’s where emergency vehicles are going to be traveling through if needed,” says Sheriff Mack.

Baldwin County Schools will also be closed Tuesday due to the coming winter storm.

School board officials say transportation concerns are the number one reason for the closure.

“Our number one decision is transportation. School houses are warm and comfortable, but it’s getting there that’s the difficulty,” says Terry Willhite with the Baldwin County School System, “because we’re an extremely rural county it’s best for us to stay home on Tuesday.”

The school board will meet again Tuesday to decide if schools should be closed on Wednesday as well.

The Baldwin County Commission will also reconvene Tuesday to decide if county facilities should also be closed on Wednesday.

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