AAA: Speed is very dangerous

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Scenes like this are common up north, but down here on the Gulf Coast, winter storm conditions are a rarity and something that needs your undivided attention if you have to be on the roads. AAA Alabama representative Clay Ingram said that planning in advance is the safest way to go.

“There are some things you can do ahead of time to prepare for that. Check your coolant and antifreeze check your washer fluid; make sure you’ve got good quality wiper blades,” said Ingram.

Ingram also said that there are very important steps that need to be taken once the winter storm arrives.

“Before you try to leave home clear all of your windows off. A lot of people just scrape their windshield and hop in the car and go, but that’s very dangerous. You need to scrape all of the windows, all around the car and make sure that your head lights, tail lights; brake lights are all free of ice or anything that might block the view of those, as well,” said Ingram.

If you must be out and about, don’t get in a hurry.

“Probably the most important thing of all is slow down. Speed is very, very dangerous in icy conditions, there’s likely to be a lot of black ice out there, and what that means is that you just cannot see it, no matter how good you think you are at spotting ice on the road, you can’t see that black ice,” said Ingram.

So what happens if you do start slipping and sliding? According to experts, take your foot off the gas, and lightly touch the break. Don’t slam on the brake or make any exaggerated movements. Look and steer in the direction you want to go.

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