Mobile County officials prepare for cold weather


With possibilities of sleet and snow in Mobile County, officials say they’ll be working throughout the week to combat looming severe weather conditions.

County and city officials say they’ll sand down roads and bridges to prevent ice build-up on the roadways.

“Ice is our biggest fear so the guys right now are loading trucks of sand for sanding the bridges down and they will store those trucks inside over night tonight and tomorrow, to make sure they don’t freeze, and they’ll use that to (put on the) bridges, that’s about as much as we can do here in Mobile County,” Jerry Carl, District 3 Mobile County Commissioner.

Mobile city officials say they’ll also be working with utility companies during the extreme weather.

“The big concern with extended sub-freezing temperatures is busted water mains, and down power lines, so we’ll be meeting with our public works employees and emergency responders and local utilities to review our preparations,” said George Talbot with the City of Mobile.

Mobile County School Superintendent Martha Peek says she and her staff will continue to monitor weather forecasts and will decide by noon Monday, January 27, whether or not school should be cancelled.

Peek says if schools are closed, students will most likely make up the days by adding a couple days to the end of the school year.

Meanwhile, Mobile residents say they’ll be stocking up for the coming storm.

“I am going to rack up on groceries actually, and I’m going to sit in my room in the heat,” Jalyn Johnson says, “That’s what I’m going to do, stay away from the cold.”

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