Locals to begin cold weather prep


MOBILE, Ala. You don’t want to wait too long before you stock up on the supplies you need to make it through the next round of cold weather.

FOX10 News checked with the major building supply stores in Mobile, and they’re already running low on some key items.

It’s been about two weeks since below freezing temperatures pushed through our area, and Lowes store associate Dennis Williams said people have been trying to get ready for the next blast of cold weather.

“They’re getting faucet covers, insulation wrap, heat tape anything to do to protect their pipes,” Williams said.

Williams said those items are the hardest to keep on the shelves.

“Extraordinary, we’ve emptied our shelves three times since I been here.  We’ve gotten in probably about 20 cases of insulation, and it’s all gone within two days after we get it,” he said.

The empty shelves are evidence people are heeding the weather warnings.

The situation is the same at Home Depot.  Store Manager Art Maurin said our area could also feel the effects of the propane shortage that has hit other parts of the country.

“Due to the heating up north, and a lot of them use propane for heat, they’ve really exhausted the propane.  We’ve got some tanks out here which is good for grills and stuff, but  when you start talking about farmers or other people that use the propane like we use gasoline they’re going to start running into a problem, and it’s going to create a problem for all of us following that problem,” Maurin said.

Even  as we brace for the next winter blast here on the gulf coast, Maurin said we shouldn’t let at our guard down once it passes.

“I’ve lived in Mobile all my life, and the worst of the winter is yet to come.  We’ll still be experiencing winter on into March.  February and March can be pretty cold months especially in Mobile,” he said.

And, if you can’t find the cold weather items you need, Williams says you can still protect you pipes which are the most vulnerable in freezing weather.

“Drip your pipes.  Drip them fast enough that you actually get some volume of  water moving through your pipes.  Wrap them with rags.  Anything you can do insulate them,” Williams said.

Even though the stores said supplies are limited, they tell us they’re better prepared for this next weather event than they were for the last one.

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