Tailgaters party at Reese’s Senior Bowl


From whole pigs, to tasty jambalaya, thousands of tailgaters were grilling, cooking, and frying before this year’s Reese’s Senior Bowl.

It was impossible to walk through the crowds without seeing hundreds of smiles left and right. It was pure, tailgating goodness.

“It’s really great to be here, all the family and friends here, just have fun,” said Seth Trotter, a tailgater at the Senior Bowl.

“It’s great! Great people, great fans, great weather, it’s awesome,” exclaimed Austin Brasher, who was tailgating with all his friends from Fort Walton Beach.

Folks told FOX10 about the favorite players they’re looking forward to seeing.

“Today, I’d really like to see Kevin Norwood do very well,” said Alabama fan Austin Brasher. “For Alabama, he’s a receiver, I’ve been watching him, and before he got all big everybody was kind of pushing him over you know, I’m just really excited to see how he does today.”

FOX10 even caught up with Mark Duper, a former player for the Miami Dolphins, who said the Senior Bowl was a great deal of excitement.

“What great people, I’ve been here two days, and I really enjoyed myself,” said Duper. “I thought it was exciting to play in the NFL, I played for 11 years, this is very exciting, and I really enjoyed myself.”

Duper said the men playing in this year’s Senior Bowl have an incredible opportunity in front of them.

“The things that most kids don’t realize the opportunity that most people will not have in life, and they get it right here,” said Duper. “It’s a great feeling because playing football in high school, playing football in college, is nothing like playing football in the NFL.”


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