Chief: Officer dragged by drug suspect

Daniel Doyle
Daniel Doyle

A Prichard Police officer is in the hospital after being dragged by a vehicle and beaten by a suspect.

Prichard Police Chief Jerry Speziale said Officer Robert Miles was attempting to stop a suspect around 2 p.m. Saturday, January 25 after witnessing a drug transaction on Highway 45 near Leeds Avenue.

Officer Miles pulled over the suspects vehicle an asked if there were drugs in the car.

That’s when the suspect put the car in gear and attempted to drive off, according to the chief. He said Officer Miles grabbed the steering wheel and during the struggle he was dragged about a half mile while the suspect beat him in the head.

Police received a 911 call from a passenger by who saw the officer being dragged.

Chief Speziale said the officer was able to gain control of the vehicle, and ultimately subdue the suspect.

Daniel Doyle, 26, was arrested on the scene. He was charged with attempted murder, first degree assault, and possession of a controlled substance.

Officer Miles was taken to Springhill Memorial Hospital where the chief said he would be held overnight for observation.

Officer Robert Miles

Officer Miles is 44-years-old and a 19-year veteran with the department.

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