Tailgaters set up in the sleet


Tailgaters started getting in place early for Saturday’s Senior Bowl.

The weather, however, might have had some people wondering if they’re in the right city.


The tailgaters started arriving at Ladd-Peebles Stadium about the same time the sleet did Friday morning, January 24, which was roughly 8 a.m.

The freezing temperatures sure got the creative juices flowing for one person.

Angela Hubbird of Atmore said, “I’m making frozen sleetballs. We’re going to have frozen margaritas later.”

Hubbird is part of Watson’s Original Senior Bowl Tailgate Party, established 1970. You can’t miss the signs.

watson Tailgaters set up in the sleet

Another member of the group, Scott Stevens of Pensacola, said, “We’re waiting for Charlie Daniels to show up. We’ve already been tweeting him, so, hopefully he’ll be here tomorrow.”


But, he’ll miss the sleet, and that was the best part for some tailgaters.

When asked about the sleet, one tailgater said, “I love it, man. I love it. I love it. It’s just unreal.”

When asked if she ever thought she would sleet in time for the Senior Bowl, Hubbird said, “Absolutely, because Senior Bowl is the worst weather ever.”

But, for now, you can stay inside.


You’ve heard of a house divided?

This is a camper divided: between the Florida State Seminoles and the Florida Gators.

Gator fan Terry Zelius of Pensacola said, “We have a golf cart that we Gatorized, so its got all the Gator stuff on it. we have a sound system in it, so if we run through the parking lot, we can play music.”

Is there a song titled, ‘Let it sleet?’ Because these guys sure could have used it Friday morning!

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