Eric Erdman on Studio10

eric erdman

Singer Songwriter Eric Erdman is getting ready for his second tour in Australia! Right before his trip, he talked with Cherish Lombard about festivals where he’ll be showcasing his music in Australia. During his tour between December 2012 and February 2013 in support of his album, “My Brother’s Keepers”, Eric says he found himself surrounded by amazing musicians. He says once he realized he had more than enough songs for another album, he asked his friends in Australia to help him make a new album, and the result is “Color the Silence.”

Eric co-wrote “Not Slowing Down,”the first song on Benjy Davis’ new self titled CD which you can get from iTunes. He also co-wrote “All Trucked Up,” which will be the single on Anthony Billups’ soon to be released CD. Anthony is a star on the new A&E show “Crazy Hearts: Nashville”. Thursday January 30th, you can watch an episode entitled “All Trucked Up” in honor of that song, and you can hear the song throughout the episode.

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