Dee Ford honored with Senior Bowl practice award

Dee Ford

Coming from a team full of talent, one man is the closest thing to a ‘sure thing’ as it gets.

Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford was named defensive lineman of the week for Senior Bowl. He’s been recognized by coaches, scouts and even former players for his work all Senior Bowl week.

FOX10:  You’re such a dominant force, but you’re so soft-spoken.  How does that play into your game?

Ford: “I’m just me, man.  Once your game speaks for itself, you can speak how you want to speak.  You can always work on your craft.  My craft is not perfect.  I’ll be perfecting that until I retire from the NFL.”

FOX10:  Has the sting of the national championship worn off?  Does being out here hitting people help?

Ford: “No, it’s probably never going to be wear off.  I played on a great stage, great way to end my college career.  I think about it every day.”

It serves as fuel for Dee, trying to fulfill a childhood dream.  Many sources have the 6’2″ 240-plus pounder as a second round draft pick, likely the first Tiger off the board.

FOX10: You’re projected to be a second rounder.  Are you working out here to get in that first round?

Ford: “I’m looking at first round, man.  Projections don’t matter, it’s all about that draft day.”

FOX10 And you want to be a first rounder?

Ford:  “First rounder, all day.”

He just told me he wants to go first round.

“I just told him, ‘Don’t worry about that stuff, man!’  You know what, he’s a great man.  I love his spirit.  He loves football, and it’s amazing because it’s easy to get up for these practices on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday with a lot of people in the crowd and all that, but I think the best test was today.  There’s not many people around; how do you perform?  And he came out with that same spirit, so I love his personality and obviously it’s important to him, so he has done a great job,” Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.

FOX10 He’d look pretty good in Jaguar teal, what do you say?

Ford: “I’m not in the prediction business, but a lot of these guys would.  It’s been a great week, a great week, and I think what makes it so cool is guys like Dee.”

Recognition on banquet night…adoration from the head coach…so far, you can’t beat Dee’s week.

“It’s been so fun, man.  This has been a great week.  We went to a children’s hospital this morning.  It’s been a great experience for me, man.  It’s been life-changing for me, man.  I’m glad I decided to come.”

“War Eagle,” Ford exclaimed.


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