Conspiracy suspect found on school campus


FOX10 News broke the news Friday, January 24 about a conspiracy suspect who was found on a campus of a local high school. Now we’ve learned the suspect, Allan McKenna, has been indicted on those conspiracy charges.

Authorities said McKenna was just released on bond. Now, he’s back at Mobile County Metro Jail after being found on the campus of Mary G. Montgomery High School.

“A resource officer went outside, recognized a guy roaming the campus, knew he wasn’t a student. He approached him and asking for an ID and that’s when we knew who he was,” said Lori Myles with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Those with the sheriff’s office said that’s when the officer detained McKenna and searched him, finding marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

At the time of the incident, McKenna was out on bond after being arrested in August 2013. McKenna, along with another teen, Matthew Moberg, are accused of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to kidnap and receiving stolen property charges. Investigators said McKenna and Moberg had a detailed plan to kidnap Moberg’s ex-girlfriend and kill her new boyfriend.

So why would McKenna, just released, waiting for trial, be on the campus of MGM?

“We do not know at this point but that is something that we are investigating,” said Myles.

Those with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office immediately requested that McKenna’s bond be revoked and Judge Charles Graddick granted that request.

“He clearly needs to be somewhere where he doesn’t cause harm to others,” said Myles.

McKenna is due in court on the trespassing and possession charges February 10. He has been indicted by a grand jury on his conspiracy charges.

Moberg, McKenna’s co-defendant in the conspiracy cases, has also been indicted but has not made bail and is still in Mobile County Metro Jail.

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