Autograph signing benefits organ donation


Autographs for Amber, a charitable autograph signing, was held Friday night, January 24, at Ladd-Peebles Stadium to raise money for the Alabama Organ Donor Center.

After Amber Warren was killed seven years ago, her organs helped saved three people’s lives.

So her father, Donnie Warren, wanted to hold an event that would raise money for more organ donations to take place.

Several former players from Alabama, Auburn, Southern Miss, South Alabama and pro teams came to the FedEx tent at Ladd-Peebles Stadium to sign autographs.

For $10 a ticket, folks could get their autograph from any player they wanted, and all of the money raised is going to the Alabama Organ Donor Center.

It’s an organization Donnie Warren said he’s grateful for.

“I was able to meet one of her recipients, and to know the appreciation that he had, and his family had, is amazing,” Warren told FOX10 News Friday night.

One mother flew down all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, to come to the Autographs for Amber event.

She said it’s a cause everyone should know about.

“I lost my son in ’09, and he saved eight lives, and I’m out here because I’ll always represent the four lives that I met because of my decision to say yes,” said Carolyn Henry Glaspy, from Ohio. “I got to meet four beautiful people who have that second chance, and can do things with their families. This cause is so awesome.”

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