Ala Power: Keep thermostat at 68 degrees


Crank up the heat once again! That’s something we’ve had to do a lot this month and that can certainly cost you when it’s time to pay the power bill.

Beth Thomas with Alabama Power said keep the thermostat at 68 degrees.

To direct the air flow to keep it warmer in your home, turn your fan counter-clockwise.

“Check around your doors and windows to make sure you don’t have any drafts. Check your air filters you want to make sure they’re clean and free of any debris so you can keep air flowing,” Thomas said.

There are also certain items you can purchase to protect the outside of your home from those freezing temperatures like faucet covers insulation for pipes.
At restaurants like Loda Biergarten, they’re getting prepared.

“There are two things I have to make sure of: My employees don’t leave the air conditioner on because that’s an expensive mistake and other than that we just get here earlier in the morning. We actually don’t have a heater so we just turn our ovens on and open the doors up and let it warm itself,” said co-owner of Loda Biergarten, Matthew Golden.

He has a solution though.

“When it’s really cold out like this, we have two different soups: chili and whiskey,” he said.

Of course those who aren’t from here don’t think it’s too bad as Arctic cold weather sweeps across the Northeast but for us on the Gulf Coast, it’s definitely cold enough.

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