19 y/o faces torture, child abuse charge


The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office believes 19-year-old Phillip Owen abused an infant.

“He denied any actual abuse of the child originally, but did make some statements that lead us to believe that the child abuse did take place,” said BCSO Spokesperson Major Anthony Lowery.

Authorities said the baby’s grandmother discovered the injuries and reported it to DHR. A doctor checked out the child and Owen was brought in for questioning.

“The injury was to the abdomen and to the head,” said Lowery.

Owen’s family had no comment and would not release the name of the family’s attorney.

FOX10 News went to the address listed on Owen’s jail records, but no one came to the door.

Lowery says investigating crimes like this never gets any easier.

“It’s a defenseless child and you have defenseless people out there that are abused. And that’s why people get into law enforcement is to try to combat these particular type crimes,” said Lowery.

Owen is in the Baldwin County Corrections Center on $10,000 bond.

Authorities say the child is now in a safe place.

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