Catching redfish during the winter


The cold winter mornings continue to make it hard on fishermen. Despite the freezing temps, Meteorologist Jason Smith is still catching redfish this week on Fox Ten Outdoors.

These super cold nights have slowed fishing considerably. As water temperatures fall, fish become less active.

On my recent trip with Captain Bobby Abruscato, Most of our quality bites came on a popping cork rigged with an artificial Vudu shrimp. We caught a number of small fish early in the day.

To spice up this lure, we added some fish stix and pro cure attractant. It’s a scent that helps the fish find and hold onto the bait better. All you have to do is make a nice long cast with this bait rigged about 2′ under the cork. You want to make the occasional “pop” but the key this time of the year is to fish it slowly.

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