Car Buddy App

Have you heard of the Automatic Link?  It’s a device that connects to the computer system of your car. Automatic Labs is behind the technology and describes the tool as a smart driving assistant.

Set-up for the Automatic is pretty straight forward.  You just plug it into your cars dashboard computer and download the free app.  The device logs your fuel efficiency, trip costs and driving habits.  It takes all of that information and tells you how you could save money, based on the model of your car.

Automatic has the capability to show you what those engine codes mean.  For example if your check engine light comes on, it will tell you exactly why the light is on.  That way you can decide if it’s something serious, or something you can fix yourself.
Plus, it can detect whether you’ve been in a crash and alert local authorities.

The Automatic is available at Best Buy and Apple stores, as well as  It retails for $99.95.

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