Burglary suspect passed out in truck


It was a less than routine start to the week for Foley resident Jim Van Matre.

“We get a call Monday morning, ‘Come to the back of the property, we’ve had a theft,'” Van Matre said. “‘Somebody’s tried to steal your trailer.’”

Foley police said Taylor Spoon, 27, found his way into the Cottages on the Greene neighborhood where he stole and tried to steal several items.

“He broke into the utility shed where they keep all the landscaping items,” Van Matre said. “He was rummaging around in there and everything stopped.”

Spoon didn’t get very far with any of the items he allegedly stole, though. After leaving the shed he went to his truck, parked just down the street, where police and neighbors said they found him intoxicated and passed out.

“When the police arrived, they woke him up and he immediately began screaming, crying and trying to explain why he was there, saying he had permission to be there,” Lt. David White said. “And of course, he did not have permission to be there or to take all that stuff.”

Beyond trying to steal Van Matre’s trailer, police said Spoon also had a stolen boat motor in his truck. He had also allegedly tried to force the ground keeper’s golf cart into the trailer.

“Well, it’s unsettling because there’s a lot of educated people in here that work hard, and they work hard for the things that they own. And to have a thief come in here and try to steal from you is unsettling,” Van Matre said. “And you know what? It just burns my brain out, you know, that someone would do that.”

He said they’ve never had anything like this happen before and they’ll work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“So we don’t know if he was in here visiting somebody, or came in before the gated closed,” Van Matre said. “And so we’re evaluating changing all of that anyway for the protection of our residents in this neighborhood.”

County records show Spoon was arrested twice in 2011 for drug possession and a DUI. He is currently being held in jail on a bond of $28,500.

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