WAVE Petroleum Leak: Who Foots the Bill?

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The Wave Transit System is looking at how it’s going to pay for the investigation and clean-up process after the Alabama Department of Environmental Management says the company leaked “petroleum products” from it’s facility.

FOX10 News has been tracking the oily substance for two weeks after a viewer sent pictures to reportit@fox10tv.com.

ADEM said the petroleum products have either polluted or pose a threat of pollution to waters of the state. It also says the WAVE Transit System is in violation of the Alabama Water Pollution Control Act.

Tax-payer dollars pay for a portion of the WAVE’s operational costs. So we asked Mayor Sandy Simpson’s Chief of Staff Colby Cooper if the clean-up cost would trickle down to you.

“What we understand is that problem could be resolved through funding by the Alabama tank trust fund,” said Cooper.

The Alabama tank trust fund gets contributions from a voluntary charge imposed on bulk purchase petroleum products. It covers above ground and underground storage tanks.

“The charge is 1/10 of one penny per gallon of product. This is not considered a tax due to the fact that it is voluntary. However, most all petroleum handlers participate due to the trust fund coverage that is provided in the event of a leak from one of their underground or aboveground storage tanks,” said Scott Hughes, ADEM Spokesperson.

Since the WAVE was in compliance with state regulations at the time of the leak, it is eligible for trust fund money, according to ADEM.

The city of Mobile says the WAVE is covered up to 1.3 million dollars with a 10,000 deductible. ADEM says it won’t know how much it all costs until the investigation and clean-up process is complete. The WAVE has not asked for city resources to help solve the problem,” according to Cooper.

The general manager, Tyrone Parker, told FOX10 News it is not commenting on the issue and referred all questions to ADEM.

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