Washington, Brown found guilty of murder

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“Today, we got justice.”

Those were the words of Wendy Fisher’s mother Friday after learning a jury had convicted two men of felony murder in the shooting death of her daughter.

Jurors deliberated a little more than an hour Thursday and two hours Friday before finding Trayon Washington and Pat Brown guilty of murder.


Mobile Police had said Washington shot Fisher and Brown drove the car with Washington inside and sped away.

This after Wendy Fisher came out of her home on Racine Avenue in 2012 and yelled at a car to slow down.


The courtroom was quiet after the jury foreman read the verdict.

But, a few minutes later, Wendy Fisher’s mother reflected on the tragedy.

Carol Fisher said, “Last year, when our daughter was shot, we began looking forward to the day there would be justice for her, and we waited all this week for justice for her and today we’ve got that justice.”


Wendy Fisher’s daughter, Madelynn North, was with her mother when she was shot, and testified for the prosecution.

North said,  “It was pretty difficult.  I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get up there and look them at the face, but, I did it, and I’m glad I did it.”

Rob Russo was Wendy Fisher’s boyfriend and testified that he saw Trayon Washington point the gun at him.

Russo said, “For the longest time, you blame yourself.  The gun was pointed at me,  Were those bullets meant for me?  And ,you question your role in the whole situation and what you could have done differently.  You go over it a hundred different times. What you could have been done differently to stop the whole event from happening?”


Trayon Washington’s mother, Charlene, also spoke Friday.

Earlier, she had said that God had spoken to her in a dream of her son’s innocence.

Washington said, “I know my son is the not the killer.  The killer is still out there, and God would not fail me.”


After the verdict was announced, the prosecution and one of the defense attorneys talked about some of the testimony in the case.

Jill Wright with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office said, “Trayon Washington was the shooter. Pat Brown stopped the car.  He facilitated it.  Without him, without him starting the altercation with her, none of this would have happened.  She would have been here, and we would not be.”

Jason Darley, the attorney for Pat Brown, said, “Its very difficult, because, we believe in our position still, and, at the close of the state’s evidence, the judge said, on the record, that it was a razor thin case.  We respect the jury’s verdict whole heartedly, but we’re not done.  There are motions that will be filed.”


But, after five days of jury selection, testimony, and the jury announcing its verdict, the trial was finally over.

When asked how she would describe what she’s been through, from the shooting, all the way to the verdict, Madelynn North said, “like a roller coaster. Sometimes I have my good days and some times I have my bad days.”

Speaking of Wendy, Carol Fisher said, “I believe she’s up there in heaven just saying, “That’s the way to go, mom:  alright, alright dad, yeah.”


Washington and Brown are scheduled to be sentenced February 2.

They could face a maximum of life in prison.

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