Saban shares thoughts on NFL draft


labama head coach Nick Saban met with the media today at the Senior Bowl South practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Saban discussed many topics surrounding recruiting, former players, and the future of his programs. Saban was very opinionated when discussing the process of players going to the National Football League.

“I think it’s the state of football in general. I think the culture is changing and I think it’s starts with guys when they’re in high school. They get a lot of attention, they get rated they get a lot of expectations put on them. I think that the natural order of things is for a guy to graduate from high school, to develop as a player in college, to graduate, to develop a career off the field in college and in most cases that takes 3 and a half or four years. I stated the exception that if someone is a first round draft pick then it’s business decision that they have to make to go out to the draft but I think more and more we’re getting the basketball mentality in football, that I can go right from high school to the NBA, more parents, more players, are going to college with the idea that I’m going to be there for three years and get out as fast as I can and get in the NFL,” said Saban.

“My philosophy is very clear to our players. If you’re a first round draft pick we’re very, very supportive of you coming out for the draft because of the business decision, the amount of money. But if you’re not one of those guys, we certainly feel you should come back to school, graduate from school, use your senior year to develop as a player and try to enhance your draft status for the next year. That’s the advice we give to each and every one of our players and this year we had a couple guys that probably don’t fit that category that made the decision to do it and we’ll be very supportive of them,” Saban said Tuesday.

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