Pregnant woman hurt in hit and run

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Family members of Vanessa Morgan say her Toyota Camry was totaled after a violent hit and run that put the expecting mother in the hospital.

It also left her fiancee Anthony Johnson in fear for the safety of his future wife and child.

Johnson says he was traveling with his fiancee and his mother in law down US 98 just outside of Fairhope around 7:45 p. m. on January 18, 2013.

Out of nowhere, he says a truck traveling at high speeds slammed into the back of their car.

“Once it hit, there was a loud bang. I heard the crushing of the car. The back windshield just bust and there was glass everywhere,” said Johnson, “I felt cold air coming in. The driver didn’t even hit his brakes. You think if you hit someone, you’d stop,”

Johnson says they were pushed around 300 feet by the truck before it finally turned and went around them.

After the crash, he says his mind immediately turned towards Morgan.

“She was complaining about her right abdomen and that’s right where the baby was. It could’ve been from the seatbelt or anything,” Johnson said, “Any blunt force trauma there and she could miscarry. It put things in perspective,”

Morgan was treated at a local hospital.

Johnson says she and the baby are alright but he has a message for whoever was responsible.

“Own up to it. Things happen but you have to own up to that. Hopefully, he’s caught and something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else down the road,” said Johnson, “You dont know how precious life is. It can change in a second. You just appreciate life a lot more.”

Johnson described the suspect’s vehicle as a black, extended cab truck with a brush-guard.

If you have any information, contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

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