PPD: 6 kids used to conceal drug sales

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Two people were arrested in Prichard the morning of Wednesday January 15 in connection with what police call a significant drug bust involving synthetic marijuana, known has “spice.”

Prichard Police Chief Jerry Speziale said undercover officers purchased spice from Shanya Johnson and Travoris Bunn on St. Stephens Road Wednesday morning.

Speziale said Johnson had six small children all under the age of three in her car.  She got out of the vehicle, went to the truck and retrieved the drugs for the purchase.

“[The kids were] a shield, or a beard to the fact that this was not a mother driving around with six children,” Speziale said.  “What police officer would think that that would be a drug deal?”

According to Speziale, the suspects left in separate vehicles, and both were arrested a short time later.

The chief said the children were used as a decoy so that officers would not suspect Johnson was trafficking drugs.

However, police said they have been watching her for several months and they said she always had children in the car with her.

“We’ve been looking for this individual, we were able to make a buy with pre-recorded, undercover buy money,” Speziale said. “The individual is facing serious trafficking charges.”

Both Johnson and Bunn are charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance.

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