Orange Beach parents in disbelief

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Some parents of students at Orange Beach Elementary tell FOX10 News they cannot believe the recent sexual harassment allegations made by former principal Lori Brocato against Baldwin County School Superintendent Dr. Alan Lee.

“What a scandal I just hope that none of it is true,” said Kathy Flowers, a parent of an Orange Beach Elementary student. “The rumors that you hear, I think it’s very sad that you know you try to keep the sexual harassment and the bullying down within the children. The last thing you need is it going on with the adults, and the superintendent, the teachers, and the principals. So, that’s very disheartening. It kind of takes your security away a little bit, because you don’t know who to believe or who to trust.”

This, after the Baldwin County School Board Human Resources Department conducted an investigation into Brocato and the Baldwin County School Board unanimously voted to fire her Thursday night, January 17. It was during her rebuttal that Brocato made the allegations against Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee recommended Brocato’s termination in December 2013, citing performance issues and other complaints against her.

Mayor Tony Kennon of Orange Beach said he’s not quite sure what to think about Brocato’s termination, saying there has been a overwhelming lack of communication.

“This is an internal issue that we don’t need to get in to, the real issue again is an absolute lack of communication of the school board with us to let the parents know what in the world is going on in our school,” Mayor Kennon said Friday, “one minute they’re defending her, the next minute she is fired, and then we hear these allegations, so everybody is at a loss.”

He said that the sex allegations are none of his business, but he is concerned now about the progress of forming the city’s independent school system, something he’s been fighting with Dr. Lee about for quite some time.

“It’s a very serious charge, a charge that will be taken very seriously, but I didn’t witness anything, I didn’t see anything, so there’s no way that I need to say anything ugly about the superintendent about that,” said Mayor Kennon. “We’re just worried about our students and the quality of our schools, which we think is lacking.”

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