Opening arguments begin in Fisher case

Trayon Washington and Pat B 300x170 Opening arguments begin in Fisher case

There was dramatic testimony Tuesday  in the trial of two men charged with murdering Wendy Fisher.

Mobile Police said Fisher was shot and killed in front of her house, and in front of her daughter, after yelling at a car to slow down back in 2012.

Trayon Washington and Pat Brown are on trial for Fisher’s murder.

Police said Washington fired the deadly shots, and Brown was the driver of the car that stopped in front of Fisher’s home.


Robert Russo testified he was with Fisher when she was shot, saw the shooting, and that it was Trayon Washington who fired a gun three times and shot Fisher.

He testified he identified Washington from a picture of six people shown to him by police.

But, Russo said, under cross examination by Defense Attorney Art Powell, who represents Washington, that a statement he signed at the hospital shortly after the shooting said he saw three doors open from the car where the shots were fired.

Two on the driver side were open, as was a rear door on the passenger side.

Washington was sitting in the front passenger seat.


At one point, fisher’s mother left the courtroom

Carol Fisher said, “I told the district attorney that I would be getting up and leaving if there were things…and they let me know that it was going to get kind of touchy in there, and, so, I got up and left.knowing I couldn’t go through it.”

Later, under after questioning from Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright,  Russo testified he couldn’t say with certainty which doors were open, but that he was 100 percent sure it was Washington who fired the shots.


The prosecution also played a 911 tape from Fisher’s daughter telling the dispatcher that her mother has been shot.

Carol Fisher said “I got the feeling that they were just talking about somebody, but, it was my daughter they were talking about, and that it was an unfortunate thing that happened.  But, it wasn’t an unfortunate thing:  our daughter was murdered on purpose and her life was taken from us.”

The prosecution is scheduled to continue calling witnesses on Wednesday.

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