Officials: Explosion at Vulcan in Foley

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An explosion at Vulcan Inc. in Foley literally shook the community Friday morning.

“The people who were closest to it said a fireball went through the, through the roof,” Chuck Self, risk manager for Vulcan Inc., said.

That described fireball and loud boom made for a scary morning for employees of Vulcan Inc.

“I actually went up to the door to see in, and you couldn’t see five feet in front of you. The smoke was too thick. Black, great black smoke,” Self said.

The explosion happened near a machine just before 10 a.m. in plant one. That’s where aluminum is shaped into road signs.

“We did have two workers that work directly with that machine,” Foley Fire Chief Joseph Darby said. “They were significantly injured.”

One worker was taken by Life Flight directly to the University of South Alabama Medical Center for treatment. The other was taken to South Baldwin Medical Center before heading to USA as well.

People nearby said the explosion was so powerful, it even shook the satellite courthouse across the street.

“First we thought someone had run into the building with their car and then one of the other ladies said go check and see if it was Vulcan,” Ashton Holcomb, a courthouse employee said. “And so I ran out the back door, and sure enough, Vulcan was on fire.”

“I was in the court negotiating a settlement with my client, and all of a sudden we heard this loud boom. We thought maybe there was a wreak outside,” Rachel Powell, an attorney said.

Joann Garner lives near the plant and says the explosion shook her windows.

“Could see smoke coming out the top of building number one

I knew something had to be bad because of that kind of explosion and yeah, it scared me,” Garner said.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion. Vulcan employees about 275 people. The company specializes in manufacturing aluminum signs and sheet metal as well as metal stamping.

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