Neighbors help man repair home

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Christmas is over, but this is still a season of giving for some folks on Old Government Street  They’ve come together to help a neighbor in need, and they plan to stick with the project to the end.

It was a busy work day for folks on Old Government Street in Mobile.

Dozens of people came out  to help Gene Powell repair his home that was damaged by two hurricanes, and the 2012 Christmas day tornado.

“We didn’t know what to do. We thought it was flute you know, but here it is,” Powell said.

Powell  couldn’t believe it when a neighbor told him he wanted to fix his house.

Bill White lives down the street. He was moved to help his neighbor one cold day last month.

“December 15th. It was colder than stink, also I saw the curtain flutter outside the window and I said what?  So, I went over there and looked and I thought what, maybe they left the window open or somebody broke in or something, but it wasn’t no window. The glass was gone. Then I looked around the side of the house and more glass was gone,” White said.

White organized the neighborhood effort, and contacted local businesses.

“We filled up two dumpters dropped down two trees, and  taken the back of house almost half apart,” he said.

“They done took all this up, and all that, and all this here. They done done a lot,” Powell said.

The back addition on the house was badly damaged with an tree fell on the house during Hurricane Ivan nearly 10 years ago.  Another tree hit the section during Hurricane Katrina.
The addition has been unlivable for years.   White says the neighbors plan to demolish that section of the home.

Renee: “Was it more work than they anticipated?”

White: “Yes, but it doesn’t matter, it’s going to get done.”

The neighbors have the shingles for the new roof, they need a qualified workers to put it on.  They also need some heavy equipment, including a backhoe to finish removing the back addition.

Powell  thanks God he has a house,  now he’s even more thankful.

“I appreciate it, I appreciate everybody was there for me you know,” he said.

The neighbors are collecting donations to to finish the work and they welcome help from anyone willing to pitch in.

White wants to hear from anyone interested in helping. His number is 251 510-8571.

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