Neighbor: Jordan said he’d kill brother

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It was a quiet afternoon on Timberland Drive, much different from the night before when a domestic incident had sheriff’s deputies filling the neighborhood.
Deputies got the call of one shot last night. When they arrived they found 18-year-old Mason Jordan with a single gun shot wound. Prior to deputies getting called, a neighbor was called over to the home where Jordan lived with his grandparents.
“The girl from next door came knocking on my door asking for us to call the police,” the neighbor said.
The neighbor did not want to be identified. This is what he said happened next.
“I walked over there and there was a whole bunch of commotion going on in the house. He came out of the house with knives in his hand acting crazy. I was trying to calm him down the whole time and he would never calm down,” said the neighbor.
That’s when the neighbor said, Jordan said, something he would never forget.
“He said if you don’t let me leave I’ll go in there and kill my brother and that’s when he proceeded to run to the house,” the neigbor said.
That’s when the neighbor said he had a choice to make. He fired a warning shot, and that didn’t stop Jordan. Then he shot again, hitting him.
“I was real nervous, I was hoping I didn’t have to make that call. I had to because he was about to go kill his brother and then said he was going to kill everyone else so that’s when I made my decision,” said the neighbor.
The neighbor said he’s seen law enforcement at the home before for issues with Jordan.
“I hope it sinks in. I hope someone would do the same for me if the shoe was on the other foot, but I really hope I don’t have to make that call again,” the neighbor said.
The neighbor said he’s still shaken up about having to pull the trigger.
Jordan had surgery overnight last night and is still being treated at a local hospital. Once he’s released he is facing charges with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.
Jordan’s warrants with the sheriff’s office involve charges of criminal mischief and harassing communications.  He is now facing charges of domestic violence.
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