MCSO: Teen shot after threatening family

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The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said a domestic dispute led to the shooting of a teen.

Deputies said 18-year-old Mason Jordan entered his grandparents’ home and began fighting with his brother. Deputies said when the grandparents intervened, Jordan grabbed a bat and began swinging the bat and threatening them. They said, however, he didn’t physically hit his grandparents.

Investigators said a relative went to the neighbor’s for help. The neighbor, deputies said, fired a warning shot.

Deputies said at this point, Jordan was outside with a knife in his hand. According to deputies, Jordan started making threats about going inside and killing his brother. Investigators told FOX10 News that’s when the neighbor shot Jordan in the chest.

According to authorities, Jordan was taken to the hospital and went into surgery. Officials said he is listed in serious condition.

The grandparents, deputies said, are fine.

Jordan had two misdemeanor warrants, one for criminal mischief and the other harassment, for his arrest at the time of this incident.

Sheriff’s officials said the investigation is still ongoing.

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