No injuries in west Mobile shootout


A former FOX10 News Fugitive File suspect is was arrested Sunday after shooting into an occupied trailer. It happened at a West Mobile trailer park off Travis Road.

You may remember hearing about Daniel Huber in July 2013. He was arrested with your help after pepper spraying a police officer.

However, Sunday afternoon, he struck again, this time with a firearm.

Neighbors said the trailer park off Travis Road is typically quiet.

“I’ve been here almost six years and I’ve never seen anything like that but there’s a first time for everything I reckon,” said a neighbor.

Witnesses, who asked not to be identified by FOX10 News said around lunchtime Sunday, a Ford-F250 pulled up into the trailer park and Huber, along with two other men got out, and walked toward a trailer.

“One had a gun, seen it. Thought it was a rifle. Ended up being a shotgun,” said a witness.

The owner of the trailer, who did not want to talk on camera, said he was held at gunpoint by Huber and then forced inside his trailer.

“He enters the house down there and starts opening fire,” said the witness.

But police said it was not just Huber’s shotgun that fired. The alleged victim, who also did not want to be identified, returned fire.

“Next thing I know the other guys are firing back,” said the witness. “As soon as I heard the gunfire, I run into the house, I gave the phone to my wife and told the wife to talk to the law. I was going down to check on my friends and make sure they was alright.”

This time, Huber was arrested on charges of menacing, burglary first degree, and shooting into an occupied building.

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