Got questions, ask Jelly

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Typically, when we have a question we don’t know the answer to we head to the Internet and Google it.  But now a new app called Jelly is hoping to help you with your questions.

Jelly launched on January 7.  It’s the brainchild of Twitter co founder Biz Stone.  Stone reportedly developed the app to crowd-source answers from social media friends.

How does it work?

Say you’re walking along and you see something unusual.  You want to know what it is so you launch Jelly, take a picture, circle it with your finger, and type, “What’s this?”  That little query is then submitted to people in your existing networks, who also have Jelly.  Jelly lets you know when there’s an answer.

The app has been called a ‘vanity project’ by critics despite Stone believing it can grow into an ‘awesome business’.

Jelly has been listed as one of the Best Free Featured Apps in the iTunes store.  For more information on how to get started:

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