Dr. Lee not commenting on allegations

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Baldwin County School System Superintendent Dr. Alan Lee is facing allegations of making inappropriate sexual advances against former Orange Beach Elementary School principal, Lori Brocato Thursday, January 16. The allegations were made by Brocato at her own termination hearing. The Baldwin County School Board voted unanimously to terminate the former Orange Beach Elementary School principal at the hearing.

Superintendent, Dr. Alan Lee recommended Brocato’s firing in December citing performance issues and other complaints against her.  It was after hearing a Human Resources internal report that the Board voted on the firing.  It was during her rebuttal that Brocato made allegations that Dr. Lee had made inappropriate sexual advances.

“It is very common that there be a rebuttal…there be accusations on the defensive side of any personnel hearing and so that’s not unusual in this circumstance,” said spokesperson for Baldwin County Schools, Terry Willhite.

Dr. Lee is making no comment at this time, but Willhite said Friday morning that may change down the road.

“At an appropriate time, Dr. Lee will speak to the allegations.  What the Board is doing at this juncture is seeking an independent investigator ferret out the truth,” Willhite said.

School Board members said the allegations came as a shock and that they will take appropriate action set fort by protocol that is in place for these kinds of situations.  School Board President, Norman Moore addressed what steps will be taken next, saying the Board will conduct an independent investigation into the allegations in an attempt to get to the truth of the matter.

“We will not make any predetermination or any assumptions,” said Baldwin County School Board President, Norman Moore in a phone interview Friday.  “We’re just going to investigate it on the face of what was said and see where it leads.”

In many cases, school system employees will be put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.  In Dr. Lee’s case, Moore says that won’t be necessary.

“In this case, Dr. Lee has no contact with the former employee or having any continuing impact so there should be no reason to expect that there would be a problem,” Moore said.

Regardless of the investigation into the alleged misconduct of Dr. Lee, Moore said it will not affect the termination status of Miss Brocato.

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