Details of OB principal firing in letter


According to the Baldwin County School Board, a letter of termination explains why Orange Beach Elementary School Principal Lori Brocato was fired.

The letter points to several alleged instances of inappropriate comments by Brocato to staff members about students. One quote reads: “If that was my child, I would’ve drowned him at birth like people do to puppies.” The letter states Brocato was referring to a child with special needs.

The school board listed a number of other complaints against Bracato over the last two school years such as creating a hostile work environment, failing to communicate effectively, asking teachers to lie to parents about her location and repeatedly disrupting parent meetings.

Parents at Orange Beach Elementary were caught off-guard when they learned the reasons why their former principal, Lori Brocato, was let go.

“She’s a very sweet lady and, like I said, this is just shocking to our who community, something like this,” Christine Grover, a parent with three kids at the school, said.

This feeling of shock was felt by a number of parents we spoke with as they came to pick up their kids from the elementary school.

“I’ve had communications with Ms. Bracato for time after time after time and I never really sensed like that,” Grover said.

As for the sexual harassment allegations she made against Superintendent Dr. Alan Lee, the school system said Lee will stay on the job while the allegations are investigated.

“Dr. Lee is very much in charge, he’s superintendent and there are no plans to put him on paid administrative leave,” Terry Wilhite, spokesman for Baldwin County Public School, said.

And while the school board works to find an investigator, parents like Grover are left with a tricky situation of their own.

“What do you tell kids that are eight, seven and five years old? I mean, how do you explain something like that to them? You really can’t,” Grover said. “You have to use your discretion as a parent and what do you say?”

Wilhite said the board’s priority right now is finding an investigator. They are currently going through a list a hope to have someone soon.

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